Chances are, if you prefer one of these therapists styles, you will like the others within these groups...
Therapists with similar styles, very deep pressure:  Christiane, Jorge, Stacey, Dinah, Jen J, Jennifer L, Brandon
Therapists with similar styles, medium to medium/deep pressure:  Sarah, Marty, Sarah, Wesley, Mimi, Leimi, Jen L, Lily

Thai: Christiane does a hybrid version of Thai
Shiatsu:  Tom
Myofascial Release: Tom
Lomi Lomi, Swedish, and Sports:  Everyone can do versions of these modalities
Reflexology: Tom and Brandon
Reiki:  Lily and Mimi
Cupping:  Jen L and Stacey
Prenatal Massage:  all therapists are trained in prenatal