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Relaxing and thorough:  Nia, Marty, Helen, Jennifer, Leimi, Mimi, Lily, Kalika, Sarah, Miguel,  Jen and Joshua Ligot


Experienced, technical, medium to deep pressure, great with injuries: Ruby, Dinah, Mimi, Kalani, Leimi, Stacey, Wesley, Amanada, Ashia, Kalika, Amanda, Tinny, Jen and Jorge


Intense, deep, fixers: Jorge, Christiane, Ruby, Rey, Kalani, Dinah, Tom, Brittany, Ashia, Tinny, Mayuko, and  Brandon


Shiatsu Combo: Koji, Brandon, Rey, Kristin, Tom and Kalika

Cranial Sacral:  Tom

Thai Combo: Christiane, Mayuko, Leimi

Reiki: Amanda, Lily, and Mimi

Cupping Combo: Ruby, Jennifer, Stacey

Lymphatic Drainage: Kalani, Jen

Reflexology: Tom, Rey

Japanese Speaking: Chirstiane, Leimi, Koji, Tom, Mayuko



​​Ashia (F): Pressure 2-4.Good flow and sensitivity to areas of tension. Similar to Brittany, Helen, Justin, Kortni, Kristin, Marty, Virgine. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomilomi. Services: Combination and Prenatal.

​Brittany (F): Pressure 3-5. Good flow, relaxing, Swedish, therapeutic, deep pressure. Specializes in Lomilomi. Similar to Jorge, Nia, Stacey. Services: Combination, Pregnancy

Christiane(F): Pressure 5. Deep tissue, Thai massage. Can do relaxation but doesn’t prefer it. Similar to Leimi, Raquel, Jen Taylor (former therapist).  Services: Combination, Prenatal

Dinah (F): Pressure 5. Good flow, good with injury. Deep Tissue, lomilomi, reflexology, prenatal, Swedish, sports massage. Similar to Kim, Rey, Sydney. Services: Combination,  Prenatal (medical)

Helen (F): Pressure 2-4. Good flow, relaxing, Swedish, Lomilomi, therapeutic, Prenatal.  Similar  Jennifer, Jen, Joshua, Nia and Virginie.

Jen (F): Pressure 2-4.  Super relaxing, Swedish, and Prenatal.  Similar to Marty, Jennifer, Jen, Joshua, Nia, Sarah and Miguel

​Jennifer Louie: Pressure 2-4. Relaxing Swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point therapy. Focus on therapeutic manipulation customized to each individual.  Services: Combination, Prenatal. Similar to Virginie, Helen.

Jorge (M):  Pressure 4-5, Strong with a good flow, deep tissue, Swedish, customizable to client’s needs and can focus on specific areas, stretches, . Similar to Brandon, Leimi, Nia,Wesley. Services: Combination, Prenatal

​Kim (F): Pressure 5. Deep Tissue, trigger point, stretching/Lomi, relaxing. Similar to Dinah, Milica, Rey, Sydney. Services: Combination, Prenatal

Koji (M): Pressure 2-3. Shiatsu, pressure point therapy, some Swedish.  Similar to Tom, Brandon, Kristin. Services: Combination, Conservative Bodywork

Kristin (Kristeen) (F):Pressure 3-4. Shiatsu style, good pressure. Similar to Tom (former therapist). Services: Combination,

Laura Owen: Pressure 1-3. Relaxing, sports massage.  Similar to Koji, Helen, Miae. Services: Combination, Prenatal.

Leimi (F): Pressure 3-5. Good elbow work, gentle. Thai and stretching.  Relaxing to deep. Similar to: Christiane, Kortni, Raquel, Brittany. Services: Combination, and Prenatal

Lily (F): Pressure 2-3 Very relaxing but also strong.  Swedish, deep tissue. Similar to: Marty, Kortni, Raquel, Brittany. Services: Combination, Prenatal

Marty (F): Pressure 2-4. Very relaxing but strong. Finds areas needing more work. Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal. Services: Combination,

Mayuko (F) : Pressure 3-5. Good elbow work, gentle. Thai and stretching.  Relaxing to deep. Similar to, Christiane, Leimi, Kortni. Services: Combination, thai, deep tissue, Swedish and Prenatal.

Joshua (M) Pressure 1-4.5. Very versatile, blends many styles. Very relaxing. Good deep tissue. Similar to Helen, Jennifer, Wesley, Nia and Ruby.  Services: Combination, and  Prenatal.  Similar to Jennifer, Helen, Marty, Leimi, Stacey and Ruby

Mimi (F) : Pressure 3-4 . Very versatile, blends many styles.  Reflexology, Lomilomi, Pressure points,  Rekei .Sound healing, scraping, Good deep Swedish. 

Nia (F): Pressure 4-5. Lomi, swedish.   Services: Combination, and Prenatal

Rey Gamiao: Pressure 5, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Specific injuries. Similar to Sydney, Dinah, Milica, Kim. Services: Combination, Conservative Bodywork.

Ruby (F)  : Pressure 3-5. Therapeutic, yet very relaxing. Deep tissue, stretches, Zen body therapy, Lomilomi, Scraping, Cupping, Taping-KT and prenatal. Similar to Nia, Jorge, Raquel. Services: Combination, and Prenatal.

Stacey (F): Pressure 4-5. Good flow, Swedish, lomilomi, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology, shiatsu, trigger point and sports massage and stretching. Services: Combination, Pregnancy.  Similar to Dinah, Ruby and Leimi

Tinny (F): Pressure 3-5.   Deep Pressure, swedish, sports injury,  reflexology, and trigger point therapy.  Good flow customized to each client.  Similar to Kim, Justin.  Services: Combination, Membership, Pregnancy

Wesley (M): Pressure 3-5. Very relaxing, Swedish, lomilomi, trigger point. Similar to Jorge, Justin, Brandon, Brittany, Kortni, Marty.  Services: Combination, Prenatal, and  Conservative Bodywork

Amanda (F): Pressure 2-4.5.  Cranial Sacral, relaxing, therapeutic, seep tissue, Swedish, Lomilomi, and prenatal.  Similar to Stacey, Leimi, Mimi, Mayuko, Jennifer, Helen, Nia, Tinny and Joshua

Kalani (F): Pressure 4-5, strong slow pressure, very deep and relaxing. Swedish, Lomilomi, therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massage and prenatal massage.  Similar to Dinah, Jorge, Ruby, Christiane and Brandon.

Kalika (F) Pressure 2-4.5, deep tissue, shiatsu, Reiki, Swedish, Lomilomi, sports. similar to 

Miguel (M) Pressure 2-4.5, deep tissue, Swedish, Lomilomi, relaxing and thorough, similar to Joshua, Mimi, Helen, Jennifer, Nia and Wesley

Sarah (F) Pressure 2-4, Swedish, Lomilomi, therapeutic, Pregnancy, very relaxing.  Similar to Virginie, Jennifer, Mimi, Nia,and Joshua

Tom (M) Pressure 3-5, Deep tissue Accupresure, Reflexology and prenatal, Shiatsu, Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial release, and sports massage.  Similar to Rey, Koji, Wesley, Christiane and Ashia


updated 9/28/19